dimanche 9 janvier 2011

On the Filling Out of Applications

Long time, no post! Sorry 'bout that. I've been focusing on getting the Long Term Application filled out in preparation for the district interview on the 29th, which is getting closer and closer! Such a momentous date for me. Ok, that was an obvious sentence, but it was worth it 'cause I got to use "momentous". Anyway, basically I've been wrangling with this 18 page form that has to be made into four copies and signed in blue ink and includes pictures and school reports and doctor's reports and copies of birth certificates, ect. Quite exhaustive, really, but I suppose they have to be, sending kids off to foreign countries for extended periods of time like they do.

Well, just wanted to let any readers there might be out there that I'm still here, still working towards this goal. Cross your fingers for me, dahlings, and I'll post again soon!