lundi 2 avril 2012


This weekend I had a freaking blast attending the Rotary-sponsored "Journées Rotariens de la Jeunesse" (Rotary Youth Days, loosely translated), a four day event which takes place every four years and unites all the Rotary exchange students in France.  This year it was in a town called Annecy, located in south eastern France and known as the "Venice of the North".  There were over 400 other exchange students there, representing 31 countries!  It was fantastic.  I got to see lots of old friends, including some people I met when I got my visa in San Francisco, and make lots of new friends.  In general an amazing time!

On the bus, hangin' with Dale, our new Australian.  He just arrived since they're upside down in Australia and arrive in January instead of August like normal people (please note that all jabs at Australia are meant quite fondly) 
Me and my sunglasses which were squashed the next evening by some wild dancers of various nationalities.  Oh well, their last few days were pretty scenic :)
We stopped on the way at a museum of old airplanes.  Posing with my buds from Germany and Canada.  
And spring is magical at a wine museum in Bourgogne!