jeudi 3 février 2011

Postponement and Passports

Three pieces of news!

1) Passports arrived! They are beauteous and high-tech, complete with computer chips and shiny, shiny crests and lettering.

2) All the paperwork is turned in. 18 pages, four copies, complete with colored photographs of various things and letters to host people and everything else they wanted. The first test is being able to successfully complete the extremely complex and confusing paperwork, and I think I passed!

3) The District Interview has been postponed. Postponed! To February 12th! Are they trying to make me implode from the suspense? The only comfort I have is the conversation I had with our local club student exchange representative, in which he said that it is very uncommon for students to be rejected at this stage. Whew. Keep your fingers crossed for me, though, just in case :)

Next post will probably be about the District Interview...until then, bye!

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