jeudi 17 mars 2011

Patience is a Virtue...

So, it sounds like we need to revise that beginning of March date- due to various complications in communication with host clubs, it sounds like I'll (probably) know where I'm going on or by orientation on April 2nd. April 2nd. I can deal with that. The question is whether I will burst from impatience while I'm "dealing"...

Heh, well. Hey, let's talk about fundraising! I've set up a "Fundraising Hall of Fame" on the sidebar, and anyone who contributes more than $5 to my fundraising efforts gets their name in the hall of fame! I have several ideas for fundraising techniques, including a widget right here on the blog that allows you to donate through paypal, and an Etsy store selling various handmade items pertaining to exchange. Look for these soon!

Until then,


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