mardi 16 août 2011

One Week

It's one week to the day before I leave, and I must say, it's a pretty crazy thought!  One week from now, I will be in Paris.  Today I'll be having my last Rotary meeting with my sponsoring club and my last French lesson.  It's a weird time right now, because the whirlwind has calmed slightly- I have all the documents and everything that I need, so there's no running about frantically gathering applications and forms and papers of all kinds.  So now it's just calm, and all I have to do is wait.  I've been doing a lot of sewing (one of my hobbies), reading (The Count of Monte Cristo, which I am reading in English since, alas, I am as yet unable to read it in the original French), and being with my family and friends.  Since I've been preparing to leave, I've really been appreciating the people and places of home.  At the same time, though, I'm looking forward to meeting new people, going to new places, and making a new home in France! 

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