lundi 13 février 2012

My Noyon Photos

I've already posted a few pictures of the Noyon trip, but those were lazily taken from Facebook and I haven't yet bothered to post my own Noyon photos.  Until now. 

P.S.  From now on I'm going to focus less on organization and writing the post and stuff, and more on just getting up the photos.  Because I know that's what you all want to see.  The captions should explain enough, and then I can tell the stories behind the photos at length when I see you all at home :)

Nothing special, just a cool building :)  I'll photograph pretty much anything with a tower.

Memorial for the citizens of Noyon who died in WWI.  At the top of the doors it reads, "Noyon, for her children who died for France".  I'm not sure if "children" is meant metaphorically or not.  Maybe both.

The famous cathedral of Noyon, which according to Wikipedia is where Charlamagne was crowned, but not according to most other people I've asked.  So I don't know.

Pretty flower carvings.

The gates of the cathedral.

One remarkable thing about the cathedral of Noyon is that it had lots of really beautiful metal work, something I've never really seen in other cathedrals I've visited.

Podium for the priest to stand in the middle of the congregation, back in the days before microphone systems.

Painting, if my memory serves me well, of John the Baptist and someone. 

This was at the entrance of the cathedral, a little piece of evidence for the "Charlamagne-was-crowned-here" theory...

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