mardi 28 février 2012


Over the vacations of February, I was invited by some family friends who live in The Hague to tag along for their ski trip in Switzerland.  I just got back, and for once I'm posting about an adventure within a month of said adventure actually happening.  I'll put up more photos later...For now I'm just putting up some photos taken by Ivy, the family's au paire, and stolen off facebook.  Right now I'm too lazy to get photos off my camera, and I guess some photos are better than nothing!  So, without further ado...A few pictures of the Switzerland portion of the trip!

Picture from the road...This is probably in France, Belgium, or Switzerland, because "Sortie" is Exit in French, but I'm not exactly sure.
Ivy wanted to see where I live.  This was at a Shell station somewhere near Strasbourg.
This guy was hitchhiking and asked us for a ride at a gas station.  We were too packed to take in another set of skis, let alone another person, but we enjoyed his outfit...I don't know if you can tell from the picture, but he's wearing a corduroy suit with bell bottoms! 
Picturesque houses from somewhere along the route.
Me and part of the family on the gondola up the mountain on the first day.
The chairlift I didn't go on...My insurance doesn't allow me on chairlifts, so it was all cross country skiing for me, which was awesome so I didn't mind respecting the perimeters of my insurance.
This is where we are staying...And yes, it really was that adorable.
Cute little historical exhibit thingy on the village main street, one of several.
And a view of my first pair of skis, although on Ivy's feet, and the cross country trail along the mountain where I experienced cross country skiing for the first time!

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