mercredi 8 décembre 2010

Beauty Too Rare For Use...

Forgive me for the title of this post.  I think I'm just maybe a little bit too excited about my fantastically schnazzy new banner!  Yes, when you start applying quotes from Romeo & Juliet to your blogger banner, things have gone too far.

  For those of you who have just started reading, before this post I didn't have a title banner for this blog, just the standard-issue text title from the blogger template.  But now!  I have a lovely picture to represent where I come from (Space Needle for Seattle) and a lovely picture to represent where I'm going (Eiffel Tower, for France) and a title in atrocious Google Translate-sourced French!  It's supposed to mean, "My Journey To France," but I'm pretty sure Google gave me "My Journey In France". Promise, I'll fix it once I know the language.

Anyway...Just wanted to call attention to my obviously amazing (ahem) graphic design skills (it only took me several hours to make the banner).  I'll probably be posting more soon...I think it's time to talk about fundraising!  Bye for now...

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