mardi 7 décembre 2010

Hear Ye, Hear Ye! Happy News!

Good news, readers all!  A few nights ago I received a call from my local Rotary club's representative saying that they had picked me to be the Rotary exchange student!! Huzzah! Yay! Woot! So, now the next step is to go to a district interview in Canada in January.  They can still reject me at that interview, but it sounds like it's not too common for that to happen.  So, for all intents and purposes, I can say I'm going to Europe as an exchange student next year!  Now I have to fill out this 18-page form to bring to the district interview, as well as arrange for my passport- I don't have one yet, and I need it to get to Canada for the interview, at least!  Today we all (mom, dad, little sister, and I) went to get our passport pictures taken, and Thursday is when we start the process of getting actual passports.

Ever since I got that call, my life has felt pretty surreal.  I've wanted this for several years now, and part of my brain is already planning, figuring out what steps I need to take, what needs to be done, what questions need to be asked, ect.  But then there's this whole other part of my brain that just hasn't realized what this means yet- that me, the girl who had never been farther from home that Palo Alto, California, is going to go to live in France* for a whole year.  It's taking a while to sink in, and I don't think I'll really believe it until I've arrived at the French* airport, but that doesn't stop me from being wildly happy! I feel so deeply honored.  I can't stop talking about it, I'm afraid I'm becoming quite a nuisance to my friends and family.   My only sorrow is that my being chosen means that many other people who wanted it just as bad won't get the chance.  I wish I could bring them all with me.  But I'm sure they'll make their way to wherever they want to go somehow.

Anyway...Got to go!  I've got places to be, people to see, things to do, trips to Europe to plan, fundraising to do!  So much to do!** 

Walking on clouds,


*France- that is, if I go to France.  I'm not quite sure when I find out for sure which country I'm going to, or how I let my request be known, but France would be my first choice, and I think I would do well there.  Apparently exchange students have almost no say as far as what region of their country they go to, but I think I'd be happy anywhere in France! 

**!- Lots of exclamation points to write!

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