jeudi 9 décembre 2010


I know I've been posting a lot, but I feel the need to write about every tiny little thing that happens with the exchange...Just skip if I start sounding self-centered, I swear I don't mean it.

Today we went as a family to our local town hall and gave them our passport applications. I'm pretty excited to get a passport, since I've never had one before. Once I get my hands on that little book, I can go anywhere! Provided I also have a plane ticket and money.

Anyway, that's my update for the day. It's interesting writing this blog, because when I look at all the things I've been recording, all the things that have been happening, it feels like this process is going really fast. But when I think about all the time and steps I have to go through to get there, the process suddenly seems soooo slooowww...Different perspectives. And I can't figure out which I want! I want to be prepared, but I also want to get there now. But that's life, I guess.



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