mercredi 14 septembre 2011

gqhhh; AZERTY

Trying to type on qn AZERTY keyboqrd is one of the ,ost frustrqting things I hqve ever done:  I've been battling the AZERTY transition up until now, but I've decided that as long as I'm in France, I might as well learn the keyboard layout so I can work on computers other than my own without taking five minutes to find the comma.  Since my computer obviously has the keys marked for QUERTY, this transition is rather difficult because I have to keep an AZERTY keyboard diagram constantly open in another tab and refer to it whenever I don't know where something is.

As I'm currently using AZERTY, this post has taken an inordinate amount amount of time to create, so I'm going to sign off now, but not before putting this out there...If any of my friends or family in the United States wants an idea for an easily mailable gift, next time there is an occasion for gift giving please send me AZERTY keyboard stickers!

Now, just for fun, I'm going to write a secret message by typing as if I was on a QWERTY keyboard but using AZERTY:

Thereùs q very zeird Qustrqliqn exchqnge student in ,y clqss qt school:  Her nq,e is Qnnie; she zill be in Frqnce for six ,onths; qnd this is q shout out to her1

Best zishes to qll fro, Frqnce;

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  1. Hey sophia, it's Bo! It really looks like your having an amazing time in France. I see you went to Paris. I did the boat thing too! Before you leave France, you MUST go check out the Catacombs back in Paris. VERY Cool. It's awesome to see you having such a great time. Keep posting! -Bo